Sari Fabric Wrap & Square Scarf

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Elegant way to wrap a gift and Eco-friendly as well! Fabric wrap is handmade in India from colorful upcycled saris and each one is unique. Fabric Wrap was used in Asia for centuries as an elegant custom, transforming a gift into an exceptional keepsake.
There are multiple tape-free ways to wrap with these 35" squares, and the upcycled nature of this product means no 2 squares are alike.
For a basic wrap: Open fabric in diamond shape on flat surface. Place gift in center. Tie opposite sides in double knots. Fabric will conform tightly as knots form a bow. 
Gift wrap can be put to good use as a scarf or bandana!
***Sold individually. Due to their being handmade, colors and patterns in stock may vary. Please indicate choice of color way in the comments section at checkout.

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