Pick up Truck Wall Clock, Teal, Columbia

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Adorable whimsical clock will look fabulous in any room! Fair trade sustainably handmade by artisans in Columbia using recycled metal scrap.

11 x 12 in

Oxidos is a Bogota, Colombia family owned company founded by Juan Carlos Bohorquez and artist Liliana Otalora. Together they design and produce colorful, whimsical clocks, primarily from recycled metal scrap used in the production process by various industries.

Liliana hires and trains individuals in need of employment to produce and hand paint each piece to her standards. They also learn soldering, assembly and decoration. Oxidos hand crafted products are far from mass produced. Each clock may have slight variations making each piece unique.

Oxidos practices the principals of Fair Trade. The name Oxidos comes from the process of oxidation used to create the rusted patina on the metal prior to painting.

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