Hand Painted Shabbat Candles, Feruzi Design

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Bring beauty to your table! Each candle is hand-poured and individually hand-painted by artisans in South Africa. The design name is  derived from a special African word that is brought to life through the color and patterns which reflect the culture and influences of South Africa. A truly unique and beautiful gift for hostesses, housewarming, wedding, anniversary, and any other special occasion.

Product Features:

  • Design Meaning: "Feruzi"symbolizes two oceans unite wildly and stormily at Cape Agulhas. The different colors of the Indian and Atlantic oceans mix to create beauty.
  • Set of 4 Short Tapers, ideal for Friday Night Shabbat Dinner.
  • Candles measure approximately 4-inches tall.
  • Unscented, high-quality, fully-refined paraffin wax from Germany.
  • Non-toxic color pigments and natural wicks.
  • Burn time maximum 4 hours
  • Use care when burning candles. Do not leave a burning candle unattended; snuff out flame when done burning; do not move burning candle; always use a candle holder when burning. 

***The style images pictured illustrate the general design, but note that each candle is one of a kind. Designs will have differences, but will be consistent in colors and icons that reflect the style.


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