Double Eyeglass Case, Cotton 2 Pocket, Passport Bag, Nepal (black/white)

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Perfect for around town! Double Pocket Eye Glass case enables you to carry sunglasses on one side and reading on the other OR cell phone/credit cards and glasses. Features a strap long enough for cross body wear and velcro closures on both sides.

Handwoven and sewn by women at WSDO in Pokhara, Nepal. WSDO products are handwoven with a traditional back-strapped loom, which is native to the Gurung ethnic group in the surrounding hills of Pokhara. WSDO provides employment to more than 500 women directly and indirectly, including people with disabilities, such as visually-impaired women. They are trained for certain jobs that can be performed safely.

Size: approximately 3’’ x 8.5”


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