Charm Bracelet on Inspirational Card, Pineapple, India

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This fair trade Pineapple Charm Bracelet is sure to delight! Handmade by artisans in India. Card quote: If life is not sweet...Sweeten it yourself!

Handcrafted in Colombia by Sapia

Sapia, formerly Piel Acida, was originally conceived in 1995 by Ana Piedrahita, an entrepreneur in Colombia’s capital city of Bogota. Sapia employs 32 artisans directly, with another 50-plus artisans working independently. They also support an additional group of people through their purchase of orange peels, the raw material for their products. Colombia is among the highest per capita in orange juice consumption, which has spawned a strong demand for fresh-squeezed juice. These vendors would normally have to pay to discard the used peels, but now can actually earn additional income from selling them to Sapia. Artisans working with Sapia come from Colombia’s low-income and internally displaced populations.

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