Cafe Femenino Coffee

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PERU: CECANOR in northern Peru was Café Femenino’s founding co-op. This coffee, grown on the slopes of the northern Andes mountains, benefits from fertile soil and cool nights. We source all our beans directly from women farmers and pay above Fair Trade.

FLAVOR NOTES: Tamarind, Creamy, Brown Sugar ORIGIN: CECANOR Co-op, Lambayeque, Peru ROAST LEVEL: Medium

PROCESS: Washed CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Organic and Fair Trade


SUMATRA: In 2014, women in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra began separating their coffee from the coffee farmed by men. A year later, KOKOWAGAYO became the first women-only coffee co-operative in their country.

FLAVOR NOTES: Baker's Chocolate, Earthy, Spicy ORIGIN: Kokowagayo Co-op, Gayo Highlands, Sumatra ROAST LEVEL: Dark

PROCESS: Wet-Hulled CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Organic and Fair Trade

GUATEMALA: The women farmers who grow this coffee represent 67 different Mayan communities across Guatemala, El Quiché, Sololá and Huehuetenango. They speak their indigenous languages and hold many of the traditional cornerstones of their culture.

FLAVOR NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Sweet, Stone Fruit O

ORIGIN: Huehuetenango and Sololá, Guatemala ROAST LEVEL: Dark PROCESS: Washed CERTIFICATIONS: Organic and Fair Trade


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