Bolga Tote, Mixed Colors, Leather Handle

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Gorgeous handwoven basket is the perfect tote, beach bag, shopper, or home decor basket! Artisans use renewable resources such as banana leaf and elephant grass to create each unique bag.

The leather handle is treated using an all-natural process (either dyed and oiled or painted). Note that handle colors will vary and may range from black to an oiled red color.  Variations are to be expected given that each bag is handwoven therefore making it unique. Baskets are sturdy, strong, and flexible. If properly cared for, your basket will live a long life.

  • Large U-Shopper basket measures approx 16-18 inches across and 11-13" deep.

  • The basket is washable and collapsible..

  • No two are identical.

  • Colors will vary and may contain a bright pop of color. Enjoy your unique one-of-a kind design.

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