Affirmation Soy/Coconut Candle

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Affirmations promote positive thinking and help motivate us to achieve our goals. This is the inspiration behind our new Affirmation Candle, a delightful way to remind ourselves and others to be strong, daring, and unstoppable. Makes a great gift!

Be Strong will ground you with Cedar & Sage, Be Daring will energize with Citrus & Cardamom, and Be Unstoppable will motivate with Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

Sold individually, each candle is hand poured and includes a story card about the woman artisan who made it. 

Vessel:  recyclable glass and black metal lid, 2.75" W x 3.7" H

Burn time:  about 40 hours

Fragrances:  premium fragrances infused with essential oils soy/cocounut wax

- Be Strong:  cedarwood combines with fresh sage, patchouli and amber with a touch of musk to create a truly captivating ambiance.

- Be Daring:  lemon, cardamom and oak blended with amber and hints of cognac form this unusually bold and reassuring scent.

- Be Unstoppable:    robust sage and sea salt balanced with grapefruit and a touch of musk lie at the heart of this fresh marine scent.

Wax & Wick:  all natural soy and coconut wax with a pure cotton wick.  No dyes or enhancers.

Our candles are designed for a lifetime of enjoyment... when yours burns low, simply refill with a locally purchased votive or  clean & repurpose as beautiful home decor.

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