Zywiec Pilsner, Six Pack

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Zywiec Pilsner beer is a light pilsner beer that is 5.6% ABV. It is made as naturally as possible using Poland’s mountain spring water. The taste is quite unique, yet simple. Zywiec pours with a pale yellow color with a good sized head leaving a lace behind and is very clear. Streams of carbonation rise from the bottom of the glass to the top. Its aroma consists of clover, honey, hops and malt, backed by a spicy noble hop, and finishes with just a note of sweetness. While drinking, the mouth feel is thin and lightly carbonated, crisp while medium-light bodied. The taste is lightly hopped (Saaz detected) and a balance of maltiness. There is some light crispness in the middle, and finishes with the sweetness increasing exponentially and leaves quite a fruity trace behind it along with a trace of alcohol. Clean, crisp and a fairly narrow flavor profile as would come from a good Lager"

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