Zip Jewelry Travel Case, Cambodia

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The perfect organizer to store your jewelry while on the go! Crafted from handwoven organic cotton and screen printed with eco-friendly dyes in Cambodia. Earrings hang on the left, zip pocket below for rings/bracelets, and organize your necklaces on the right side: just snap them in, tuck them under the elastic, and put the pendant in the pouch so you can travel tangle-free! 

  • Measures 4.5" x 6.5"
  • Fair Trade

Artisans work with a cooperative that not only employs differently-abled women and makes sure workshops are appropriately equipped to resource each artisans’ strength, but its focus on sustainability is exceptional. In a garden out back, organic cotton is grown (plus the artisans’ daily lunch!) that is used to create products: ensuring fair trade practices throughout every aspect of the supply chain. 

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