Wet Dog Candle

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This candle was inspired by Riley, Prosperity Candles' rescue dog--studio mascot. The staff noticed that she smells great even when wet!  They realized it's because she's around candles all day long and goes home with a pleasant aroma of whatever scents they've been pouring.  So they decided to create a WET DOG candle for all the canine lovers in our lives.

Designed to tame that wet dog smell!

Spearmint & Eucalyptus
The clean burst of mint softens the strength eucalyptus to create a scent that both tames your dog's wet aroma and awaken your senses!

Each includes a story card about the woman who made it and a hand-signed wax cover with a quote from author Nora Roberts who said "Everything I know I learned from dogs."

Wax and Wick:  coconut & soy blend candle with 100% cotton wick.

Fragrance:  essential oil based

Dimensions:  3” W x 3” H

Burn time: about 50 hours

Container: recyclable glass 

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