Twin Engine One Pot Coffee, Nicaragua

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Perfect for on the go, each packet makes an a 8-cup pot of delicious organic coffee. Nicaraguan Arabica mountain-grown coffees are roasted to delight the tastebuds. Enjoy them on a trip, sample different flavors or tuck them in a gift basket.

  • An ode to the artisanal ‘honey’ movement. Honey Bear Reserve was the first of its kind grown in Nicaragua & represents the finest. Hand-picked, Sun-dried & Medium-roasted
  • The Estate is the coffee equivalent of a fine, vintage wine. Each year brings a new harvest from the Upper Lake Apanas in Jinotega. Each harvest reflects that years’ work, rain, and sunshine.
  • Based on the classic Italian style of espresso, Twin Engine Espresso is rich and full flavored with a healthy crema–that foamy bit on top of your espresso if you make it with great coffee and a good machine. Twin Engine Espresso has rich tastes and great balance including hints of cocoa, moderate citrusy acidity, and a whole heap of Italian Style.


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