"So thrilled that Trade Roots will ship to me directly from their store! I received a beautiful scarf for my birthday, but I’m in CA so I just call and ask them to send me the exact color and pattern I'm looking for!!!  With handmade, it's customary to take what you are sent because everything is unique, but Trade Roots sends you pics of what's actually on the store displays."
Simi S. - Los Angeles, CA 


"Thank you, Trade Roots, for being a place I can wander, lost in thought and just feel like I'm walking around a museum store.  You've created such a relaxing space, that my friends and I comment that sometimes we go there just to have a better day and relax over a cup of tea!"

Terry, Falls Church, VA

"Love these new wallets! The wristlet is perfect for your wallet and phone and running errands!"
Brandi C. - NC 

"I did most of my Christmas Shopping there last year! Love and want most everything in that store!"
Sue D. - Arlington, VA


"I literally find something perfect every time I come to your store!  Last month it was a leather bracelet for my son, and today the perfect wedding gift!"

Muriel - McLean, VA