Merry Go Round 14k Gold Earrings, Peru

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Unique Merry Go Round 14 Gold Earrings sustainably handmade by artisans in Peru from recycled .925 sterling silver plated with 14k gold. Nickel-free.  Beautiful on their own or pair them with another dainty set or with a bold statement necklace.

  • Measure .5"
  • Fair Trade

Artisans are part of a cooperative that was started as a safe haven for women: especially women with disabilities or who have children with disabilities. The cooperative is housed in an extension of their leader's, Maritza, home. This workshop is fondly referred to as the “little workshop, with a big heart.” Maritza taught herself how to make jewelry and now works with 11 other women who are able to work in this workshop or at home giving them the opportunity to earn a living.

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