Local, Aromatic Spices Mole

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Organic sesame seeds and organic roasted cocoa add the chocolate notes and nuttiness to other organic spices that bring together a perfect mole sauce. Net weight: 20 grams per packet

Whip up a batch of mole for your next gathering or a family meal. Drizzle it on vegetables, rice and beans, or add to soups/stews for added taste.

Ingredients: Red Chilies*, Ancho Chilies*, Chipotle Chilies*, Cassia Cinnamon*, Sesame Seeds*, Cocoa*, Garlic*, Peppercorn* Anise*, Cloves*, Cumin*, Oregano*, Cilantro* and Guajllo Chilies *=Organic

Recipe suggestions on the back. Made in small batches. Gluten Free Kitchen


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