Lavender Cone Incense Set, India

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Enjoy the calming sensations from the floral scent and aromatherapy of the Lavender Cone Incense Set made by artisans working with Silence in India. Set contains 10 jasmine incense cones and a handcrafted terracotta incense burning plate, all in a mesh drawstring bag inside a paper pyramid box. Silence, our fair trade partners, offer people with disabilities opportunities for skills training and employment in handicrafts.

  • Incense ingredients: coconut shell charcoal powder, natural tree resin binding agent, pure jasmine essential oil. Incense holder materials: terracotta
  • Do not leave incense burning unattended. Burn only on an incense holder or heat resistant plate. Use with proper ventilation.
  • Includes 10 lavender incense cones and a terracotta burning plate.
  • Handcrafted in India
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