Greek Love Candles

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Celebrate the many different forms of love with these beautiful candles perfect for gift giving--the love you have for a spouse, grandparent, child, or the affection you have for someone who is in need of kindness or compassion. The ancient Greeks had a unique word for each.

Inscribed in metallic silver on bright colors, these candles highlight the wonderful attributes of four Greek words for love.

-   Storge (family) :   A perfectly balanced blend of cedar, bergamot, clary sage and golden saffron with hints of mandarin and jasmine.

-  Philia (friendship) :   Sandalwood, amber and light patchouli sweetened with vanilla absolute for truly delectable vanilla scent.

-   Agape (kindness) :  Uplifting and cheerful, citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and orange blended with cedar and the distinctiveness of oud wood.

-   Eros (passion) :   A bold and seductive combination of amber, sandalwood and musk with enticing notes of mint, geranium, bergamot, clove and star jasmine.

Wax & Wick:  all-natural soy and coconut waxes with a pure cotton wick

Vessel:  recyclable glass and silver metal lid, 2.75" W x 3.7" H

Burn time:  about 45 hours

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