Luggage Tag, India

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Our handcrafted leather luggage tags feature playful, embossed designs combining traditional techniques in Indian leather craft, ethically sourced, cruelty-free leather, and eco conscious vegetable tanning. This unique, embossed leather luggage tag features a colorful design and removable card  where traveler contact details can be included. Elastic strap with stylish tassel conveniently secures tag to travel bag. The cultural arts of leather craft and leather tooling have been passed down for generations in Rajasthan, India. Intricately hand tooled detail and rich color pallet express age-old Indian design motifs.
Turtle: 5"L, 3.25"W
Elephant and Peacock: 2.75"L, 4.25"W
Brown Wilderness, 2.75"L, 4.25"W
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