Doodle Candle, Burma

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Choose from our four doodle designs - Poppies, Whimsical, Mountains or Village - that transform from a candle into a beautiful and bright piece. A perfect creative outlet for adults who need to decompress after a long day or teens who have a love for decorating. Each candle is paired with a special fragrance.   Choose your first two choices in comment field.

Poppies Doodle Candle in Floral + Musk Fragrance: Nature has a place in every home. Who doesn't love the beautiful design of poppies? Bring these flowers to life with some color!

Whimsical Doodle Candle in Chamomile + Sage: When it comes to doodling, nothing is more fun than coloring in a wild abstract design. This is the quintessence of relaxing.

Mountains Doodle Candle in Mountain Air: We were so moved by the imagination of 12-year-old female artist Aliya that we put her whimsical mountain drawing on a candle to color. These are really fun to color!

Village Doodle Candle in Sandalwood + Oakmoss: Whether you grew up in New York City or in the country landscape, our Village Doodle Candle will remind you of your favorite architectures and transport you.

Each Doodle Candle is 6 oz and burns approximately 35 hours. The candle lid and sides are designed to be easily colored in your favorite colored pencils, pens or markers. Soy and coconut blend, easily recycled when finished

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