Dama de Plata, Cabernet Sauvignon

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100% of this wine comes from a specific vineyard in Buin, specially managed and dedicated to the best Cabernet Sauvignon of this Estate.  The Malbec and Syrah come from small blocks of varieties.  After a manual harvest it passes through a strict selection inside the cellar, a maceration at low temperature (44.6 F) that takes one week then the fermentation is started at an average temperature of 77 F.  This process takes 12 days and is finished with a post-fermentative maceration for greater extraction of color and aromas for two weeks.  After maceration, 100% of this wine is transfered to second use French Oak barrels, where is ages for 12 months while it goes through a full malolactic fermentation.  After this period in barrels, it is transfered to stainless steel tanks for stabilization and it is finally bottled. 

Tasting Notes

Of an elegant violet color and a complex aroma composition, Dama de Plata has a fruity nose, filled with cherries, plums and spices.  In mouth you will find elegant and firm tannins.  This wine is a medium bodied wine, with an excellent balance between fruit and oak.  

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