Clear Glass and Dot Earrings with Sterling

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An asymmetrical silver or copper pattern in an opaque square of fused glass mounted on a clear piece of glass. Sterling silver bracket and hooks. Earrings vary in shape and design. The square design is 0.75 inches square. Fused glass is made by the Calypso artisans. 

Calypso Chile is a family owned business that operates from the family home. Marcela Cofre and her husband supported their family by making women's shoes until 1994 when the market for shoes dropped dramatically as cheaper imports flooded the market.

After dabbling in various types of crafts, Marcela found a particular talent for glass making, building a sustainable business to support her family as well as the families of others who she has trained to help make glass products, specializing in fashion jewelry. As a member of the WFTO, Marcela operates the business under the auspices of fair trade, ensuring that all of the artisans and craftspeople are paid a fair price for their work.

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