Circle of Elephants Soapstone Sculpture, 3 to 3.5-inch, Kenya

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Hand-carved from a single piece of Kisii soapstone by African artisans, the Circle of Elephants is a reminder that we are all creatures of this great earth - interconnected in ways beyond understanding.Colors vary from cream to gold to orange earthy colors. Expect an assortment of colors with your order!This also serves as a comfort gift to someone going through a difficult time, or suffering from a loss.When an elephant loses a member of their herd, the elephants' ritual is to gather round, extend their trunks and gently touch tucks in solidarity of their fallen friend.It is a reminder that those around you offer support to help you heal.Product Features:Measures approximately 3-inches tall by 3 to 3.5-inches in diameter. Due to the hand-carved nature, each piece may vary slightly in size.A natural stone, color variations will range from cream to pink to gold to gray in any single piece.
• Made in Kenya • Weight: 2.1 oz (59 g)
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