Blue and White Collection Candles, 6 oz

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We are in love with the Japanese blue and white tradition and are excited to introduce our newest collection! These make great gifts any time of year. Each candle is paired with our new special fragrances.  

Waves in Sea Salt + Musk Fragrance:  Crisp and oceanic salt infused with light notes of musk.

Grass in Green Tea: Classic Green tea with depth, an herbal scent, and a bit of zest to it.

Chrysanthemum in Floral + Suede:  Light floral scents mingled with soft notes of suede.

Blossoms in Blossom + Musk:  Orange blossom and tuberose infused with notes of coconut and musk.

Peony in Amber + Freesia:  Exotic notes of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, neroli and patchouli.

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