My Favorite Fair Trade Gift of the Week!

My Favorite Fair Trade Gift of the Week!

Check out this blog about our favorite fair-trade gift this week!

With a store like Trade Roots, it is very hard to see everything in one visit! This blog segment will showcase our weekly favorite gifts so you can get a better feel about what is trending in the store! 


Starting off with something small: our extremely popular flight of Divine Chocolate Mini Bars! These cute little chocolate bars are great gift stuffers or stand-alone gifts. With flavors like White Chocolate with Strawberries, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, 70% Dark Chocolate and 85% Dark Chocolate there is something for everyone to try and love. 

Divine Chocolate cocoa beans come from Ghana. The funds made from these cocoa beans allow the country to fight poverty and fund different community projects. The chocolate industry is one of the worst culprits in the fair trade industry. Chocolate productions are known to be some of the biggest culprits for child labor and human trafficking. The International Labor Rights Fund actually filed a lawsuit against Nestle because of its unfair and horrid labor practices. You can read more about the unethical chocolate industry here


Head on over to Trade Roots to try the different flavors of Divine Chocolates we have in stock. The little chocolate sets fit perfectly into our silk gift bags and make the perfect easy gift for your chocolate-loving friends and family.


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